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Using SAPscripts in Printworkbench

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Hi All,

Can anyone suggest me how to get data from application form to Sapscript?

There is nothing called "compare' as in smartform here!

So, how and where'll the data come in Sapscript?

And also..if I want to send the Sapscript in RDi format to third party tool, how 'll I do that?

Awaiting urgent reply.

Thanks & Regards,



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Hi Anshumita,

The advantage of using a print workbench is the data to be displayed either via Script or Smartform will already be fetched by the Printworkbench and we have to get the exact data, manipulate it and display.

When you are using a Script for a Printworkbench you can create <b>"TEXTS"</b>. These are nothing but Text Elements of a Script. In these you can give the variables to be displayed. If you want to validate or check the data you can do it an Exit. Just double click on the Text element, you will get a pop-up and in that enter some name in the <b>"TEXT EXIT"</b> value and hit enter. An exit will be called and the validations you give in this will come into picture just before displaying the data in the exit. You can create <b>start exit</b> and <b>end exit</b>, then in the document item and document header level you can also create exits at <b>before the loop</b>, <b>during the loop</b> and <b>after the loop</b>, just by double clicking on the header or item_level.

In order to download to the third party tool. You can use this function module <b>"RSPO_RETURN_ABAP_SPOOLJOB_RAW"</b>

Reward if helpful.



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Hi baksi ,

Data to Sapscrits comes from Driver Program ,If u want to find out Driver Program for a give layout is

Tcode <b>NACE</b>

option 2. in se71 -

>Display Mode -> Menu Item FORM-> Checks---->texts ---> Click on include programs also there u will find list of Driver Programs.

to send layout to Third party u have to use FM

<b>SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1</b> for more info check the Documentation.

Useful Programs : RSTXPDF4/5.



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