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Using Ranges in the program.

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When i use the range in my program it gives the follwing error

the range i declare is r_matnr.

the in operator with r_matnr is followed neither by an internal table nor by a value list.


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I assume that you have not had a problem declaring the RANGES.

Now you should know that r_matnr is actually an internal table (exactly similar to the selection-table you'd have obtained , had you declared a select-options for MATNR). Treat it like an internal table. If you use it as a normal field, you are bound to end up in errors like that.


Anand Mandalika.

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The declaration shoul be something like:


r_matnr for mara-matnr.

Filling the range is accomplished by:

r_matnr-low = '000000000000000001'.

r_matnr-low = '000000000000009999'.

r_matnr-option = 'BT'.

r_matnr-sign = 'I'.

APPEND r_matnr.

The selection is then accomplished by:

SELECT * FROM mara WHERE matnt in r_matnr.

Note 1: MATNR is CHAR(18) - so be sure to start with leading zeroes, if applicable.

Note 2: Dont forget the APPEND.

Hope this helps (please reward me if it does),