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Using enhancement points can i update screen values -- urgent??

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hi folks,

Using enhancements can i update the screen value?? i need to update the miro transaction header text value with a predefined value?? pls let me know if this is possible through enhancement points?


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yes it is possible.

you can do it by writing a piece of code in user exit for this transaction.

just search user exit for this transaction and fill the screen fields with pridefined values there. easier way to find user exit is

2.goto the transaction for which you want to find user exit.

3.check its program name say 'sapxyz'. goto se37 enter 'EXIT_sapxyz_*' AND PRESS F4.

this will give u all the exits called in this program.



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Above answer is ok. However, other way you can try is to search for enhancements in the standard code. In debugging mode search for statemets that start with 'enhancement'. Breakpoint --> Breakpoint at --> Breakpoint at Statement.

Then create an implementation for this enhancement. In this implementation you can stablish the value for header text. In this way: header_text_val (field's name in the screen) = desired_value.

Sometimes it is not so easy because the standard transfers the dynpro fields values to other tables and you have to modify the value in this tables but you can try the easiest way first.

I hope it will help you.

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I posted it twice, sorry.

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you can use INVOICE_UPDATE BADI for updating the value.

Inside this badi call CREATE_TEXT for creating a header text .

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Hiren Patel