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Using CL_BCS for read confirmation in outbox email

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We are on SAP basis 740 sp 8

I'm trying to use cl_bcs to send an email to for instance outlook with a read confirmation. I'm not interested in the reply back to SAP wether it has been read or not, I just want the recipient to notice that there is something special about the email.

What I have done so far

used method SET_STATUS_ATTRIBUTES with various combinations, for A, R and D.

Changed SCOT settings (looks different in 740) Outbound-->settings-->status request request notification to D

Used method RECIPIENTS_AS_SOOS1 of CL_SEND_REQUEST_BCS where I set the SOOS1-READ attribute as an X

Implemented the following SAP notes




All to no avail,

So either I am missing something obvious, or there is still an error in SAP, or the functionality is not possible (anymore) in 740 sp 8

What else should I do?

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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Do you mean you just want to send the mail as High importance?

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You know in outlook you can create an email you can go to options and then select read confirmation. Then the receiver of this email will see something like: the sender requested a read confirmation, click here to acknowledge. Or something similar.

That is what I am trying to achieve and I can't get it to work, so either I'm doing something wrong, there is something wrong in SAP 740 sp 8, or it is just not possible (anymore).

I also tried to set the email to highest prio as an alternative to the original requirement (method SET_PRIORITY to 1). But even then the emails that are sent to outboox do not have prio, so... maybe something wrong in SAP standard?

Or are there some RZ11 parameters or SCOt settings which override it?

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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I managed to send the email as high prio, by mentioning it in the document

cl_document_bcs -> set_importance

I'm going to see if there are methods in this class where I can set a read confirmation.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans