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Using a global parameter

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Dear experts,

When someone posts an invoice, by FB01 tcode, I want to know the invoice type (bkpf-blart) when I stop at BADI:


However the field isn't there.

How may I see the BLART field at FM_OPEN_PERIODS? By defining a global parameter? If so, how?

Other solution?

Thanks in advance


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There used to be the concept of global interface for function modules, but it's now obsolete and impossible to switch it on (although for those already switched on in the past, it's still on and this feature is still effective).

Nowadays, you can use the Enhancement Framework (implicit enhancement at the start of function modules to store "globally" the parameter value anywhere + optionally create a global field symbol to keep the link to the parameter + any other solution you want).

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If the BAdI it's called from the FB01, and the execution is not in batch (and I assume it will be that way cuz you have a t-code), if you can add that code (via enhancement frameweork or whatever) you can check for memory variables (assigning (program)variable) to a fs).

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As global parameters are nowadays obsolete, could you try a GET PARAMETER ID 'BAR' VALUE blart.