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USEREXIT to adjust the rebate credit memo request to your own require

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We are using function module SD_BONUS_CREDIT_NOTE_CREATE in one of our rebate program.

This Functional provides the option to use USEREXIT to adjust the rebate credit memo request to your own requirements.

With Present form of functionl module it take standard doc type to create the rebate credit memo request.

So Question here which are userexit we have in this FM which can be used to create the rebate credit memo request to our requirement.

Has any body used this FM before to this length..

appreacite your help




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Hi Serma,

I haven't use this FM. I only can advise you how to find user exits in this (any) FM.

Open your FM via SE37 and then try to find in this Function Group any CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION 'xxx' ..., where xxx is a 3-digit number which refers to the relevant FM EXIT_<FG>_xxx.

<FG> is the name of the Function group to which the FM belongs to.

When you find such an EXIT-Function, take a look at the parameters. When you find parameters which satisfy your needs, go ahead and build your EXIT enhancement in the predefined ZX-Include (you can find this inside the FM EXIT_<FG>_xxx).

I hope this helps,