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USEREXIT / BADI to get WBS elem system status before&after for WBS in CJ20N

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Hi friends,

Please help me out to capture the WBS element system status after and before the changes in CJ20N tcode, the status has to be posted to the P I system.

Please let me know if any user exit exists for CJ20N.I am not able to find any in CMOD.

I have tried using the BADI's WORKBREAKDOWN_UPDATE and


but was not able to capture the changed system status .

Is there any other way to capture the system status and post them to PI.

Thanks and Regards,


Edited by: Krishna Chaitanya G on May 7, 2009 7:19 PM


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why dont u use a bapi to read the system status instead of a badi ,

badi may be used to do some manipulatio before saving or changing to read the status u should use bapi

and u wil get them using bapi explorer under project system



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Hi Afzal,

The User wants to get it posted to the PI system as soon as the system status of WBS element is changed.

I am already done with RFC FM for this purpose which gets the changed status of all PROJECTS-WBS elements.

Our team is facing some probs with connecting to PI through RFC.

Getting 'SYSTEM_FAILURE' error, when executing the RFC with PI system's destination.Not able to trace out the probs, they have tested the connection with IDOC which was a success and able to post the PI.

They want me to capture the data in USEREXIT/BADI and some how trigger the IDOC with back ground job scheduled.

Thanks and Regards,

Krishna Chaitanya G

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hai krishna

when u are calling RFC through PI if u get the system failure error it is due to dump in the abap system,

test the stand alone RFC , as ur passing the data from PI to sap there might be problem of converiosn exits as what ever data u are passing it is passed to rfc which lead to dump,

so juct check once in xml what data ur passing , for example if u pass wbs element it ha coding mask in the sap system , it has to be be converteed befor epassing to rfc

just chekc once

it might solve ur prblm


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solved it by myself