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User runs transaction FBRA in foreground and gets TIME_OUT dump

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I have already increased the parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time from 900 to 1800 but user still encounters TIME_OUT dump. This is what is provided in the error analysis:

After a certain time, the program is terminated in order to free the

workspace for other users. This prevents workspaces from being blocked

unnecessarily, for example by an endless loop (DO, WHILE, ...), by

database accesses where the result set is too large or by database

accessess without a suitable index Index (full table scan).

The maximum runtime of a program is set by system profile parameter

"rdisp/scheduler/prio_[high|normal|low]/max_runtime". The current setting is

1800 seconds. Once this limit has been

exceeded, the system attempts to interrupt the SQL statement or to

instruct the ABAP processor to terminate the program. It waits for a

maximum of 60 seconds. If the program is then still active, the work

process is restarted.

Should I still increase the parameter with higher value? How should I know the right value for the parameter if the transaction/abap program usually runs long as per user?


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Generally speaking, increasing the allowed runtime is not a good solution. If it's taking a long time to run, usually that indicates that a problem with the program or how it is being used needs to be addressed. (If your car was using 100 litres per 100km, you wouldn't give it a bigger petrol tank - you'd look for leaks!).

How is the user running the transaction? How much data is on the system? Have you checked for notes concerning the performance of this transaction? Is there something that can be run in background that achieves the same objective?

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Hi Mark. The transaction is for to reset of clearing doc. I can see in ST03 it ran long from the previous month. Should this be run in the background? I cant see any that was run in the background by the user.

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Ethan Dee wrote:

Should this be run in the background? I cant see any that was run in the background by the user.

That's a question for a functional analyst.

One approach to speeding things up would be to look at the expensive SQL statements and see if an index might improve things.