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User Mapping for iViewStudio

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I setup my user mapping for iviewstudio however it does not appear to work. When I access iviewstudio from any link within SDN I am still required to provide signon credentials.

Anyone else tried this and got it to work


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Hi Claude,

We on the SDN team are investigating this with the help of iView Studio. We will get back to you with a resolution asap.

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I also have set up user mappings for iViewStudio and other data sources. However, I don't see any links for launching these sources... for example, where are the links to iViewStudio, Service Marketplace and the SAP Community?

- Darren Hague

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There are a number of areas where links to external resources will appear. One area is on the initial home page, under the Quick Links area, there is a link entitled "reference". Going to this link takes you to a page which has a number of external sites. Here you will find links to the Service Marketplace and iView Studio. Also, on the collaboration page, you will find a section under Collaboration Areas entitled Non-SDN Forums. Here you will find links to Yahoo Newsgroups and SAP Communities. There are occasionally entries for external sites contained within the editorial pages for each of the Develper Areas as well. However, the user mapping function is designed to work only in certain areas. The Non-SDN Forums area is one example. Another is the SAP Notes search which is found on the Support page. This page is can be navigated to via a link on the right side of the main home page entitled "Support". Just below that you will see one of the links to the Safari bookshelf that can be done via user mapping.

Best Regards,


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Thanks - most helpful!

For what it's worth, the iViewStudio single sign-on works fine for me.



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I have a SDN and Service Marketplace signon. And yes i have mapped them using your mapping tool.

When i try and download a business package from portal content portfolio it tries to embed my username and password in the URL which of course doesn't work.

how do i make this link work so i can download stuff from SDN.


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I am also interested in downloading iView business packages but receive an error to the same effect (URL shows user ID and password embedded).


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Hello All,

The iViewStudio team recommends the following course of action to be able to successfully download from their area.

"First of all, please ensure that you are signed in at SDN with your Service Marketplace User (S-User), not with your email-address!

The following browser settings are required:

- Your browser must accept all cookies!

- Sometimes it might be helpful to activate 'Access Data Sources Across Domains'

- In certain network environments with cascading proxies, error messages may appear. You can prevent this by changing your browser settings as follows: Internet Options - Advanced - HTTP 1.1 settings: Deactivate the checkbox for the point Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections.

- Make sure that you have completed the User Mapping for the SAP Service Marketplace in SDN. The navigation to this is Profile Management>User Mapping."

If none of these actions seem to help, you can write to them directly using the email address

Best Regards,

David Branan

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if the changes that David suggested have not fixed the problem, please contact (preferably with screenshots) and we can send you more information.

Best Regards, Anke