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User Exits in a particula r program

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How can we find the number of User Exits of a particula Program, and can we display them.

pls give the procedure.

thanks and regards

Suraj S Nair


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Try this procedure...


1. Go to transaction SE24 i.e. Class Builder.

2. Put the Object type as CL_EXITHANDLER and press Display.

3. Go to the tab of METHODS and double click on the method GET_INSTANCE.

4.When you double click it will lead you to the source code of the method.In the source

code at very start you will find code which method is called i.e.

get_class_name_by_interface. We need to just put a break-point on that.

5. There we will find a Changing parameter EXIT_NAME .This is the parameter which

will tell us that which BADI got Trigger at the point where we want to enhance the logic



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For eg. in the dialog program SAPMV50A, click Edit -> Search/replace

u2022 Type userexit in the Find field, then click the In program radio button and hit Enter

u2022 A number of userexit routines will be displayed. You'll have to roughly decide which is the correct userexit routine to used.

Another way of determining the list of user exits could be bus executing the Tcode SE80.

For example if U need to search for the user exits for the above mentioned program, execute the Tcode SE80 and enter the above program name

The highlighted row denotes a user exit, which is used in this program

form userexit_save_document_prepare.

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Suraj, we can not determine user exits flor perticular program. We can determine them at Package level.

then you will need to check if they are applicable to the program you are refering from that package.

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hi Santosh,

Pls read the comments that Ags has given,

I am confused, pls help.


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plz get details of the User exits and enhancemnts and Badi's from here:

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Check this link..

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this program(SAPMV50A) given by me is part of VL01 tcode,..

As said you cant find User exit of any program but only for packages.

Get the main program of the Tcode and then use SE38 to display the prog.

next you can follow the same way by searcing for User exits using Search option (Find/Replace) from Edit.

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Hi suraj,

pls try tcode SPAU and provide the package name it shall provide u all the enhancement & modification (if any) available in the package.


when u open a report in se38 , search for user_* in the main program if u find the form user_exits dbl click oin them and the corresponding screen write your code..

pls let me know if u didn't get my point