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User Exit / BADI when posting FI-Document from Invoice (MIR7)

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Hello guys,

what options do I have when I want to substitute the field ZUONR when creating the FI document from an invoice (MIR7). I know ways of substutition (GGB1) and also know BTE 1120 for creating an FI document but both were afaik for all FI documents. Of course I can filter this with AWKEY = 'RMRP' but I'm looking for a particular exit, BADI, function, whatever which is made for creating an FI document from an invoice.

I know CMOD extension "LMR1M004 Logistik-Rechnungsprüfung: Positionstexte für Folgebelege" which is perfect what I needed, but unfortunately it only gives me SGTXT but not ZUONR available for change. So is there any thing similar for other FI fields like ZUONR?




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There is a reference note to read: 1156325 - BAdIs in the Logistics Invoice Verification environment for available BAdI in MIRO area.

NB: It's possible to export some data to memory in a MM MIRO BAdI/Exit and import it back in some substitution user-exit of FI . (AFAIK ZUONR isn't available in BAdI AC_DOCUMENT.