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Use of Table EDPAR(EDI Partner Table)

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Hi All,

Here , what is the significance of providing external partner..

I was under the impression that this will be used for Xref.

For Eg, in our current Non-SAP to Non-SAP System , we use EDI for data transfer.

Customer will send its Warehouse number and we will be having a xref for

warehouse to Customer(At Vendor System)

I am trying to apply the same logic in SAP. I am trying to assume that the warehouse is used as a cross reference.

So, i tried to enter the External Partner as a warehouse number sent from the sender client and mapped it to existing customer in receiver client.

But this is failing in EDI. Its telling that the

"VKORG, VKTEW and SPART not setup for customer PMPO and CHINT"

But, PMPO is my purchase organisation. So after that i thought that Purchase organisation need to be setup as an external partner.

So i removed the warehouse setting and mapped purchasing organisation to the existing Customer in receiver.

Now, i assumed that when ever i raise a PO for Purchase organisation PMPO, it should automatically pick up the customer set in EDPAR and create a Sales Order for that customer.

Again , this is giving me the same error message.

"VKORG, VKTEW and SPART not setup for customer PMPO and CHINT"

So, i decided the setup a new customer with name PMPO and its working fine (means transaction is progressed)

So, can you help to let me know what is the concept with EDPAR table and what need to setup.

How can we maintain customer xref.




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There are 4 types of partners :




Logical System

So, let's say if you want to send customer invoices through EDI/IDoc, then receiver partner can be a customer ( number ) with type Customer.

But generally, partners can also be configured ( in WE20 ) as logical systems.

e.g. if you want to send IDoc to any other non-SAP system / SAP system , not exactly to a customer or vendor, then you can just configure it as a Logical System.

For a combination of Sending and Receiving Partner Profile, Inbound & Outbound message processing details are configured in WE20.

The control record of IDocs [ contains ( Inbound ) / should be crated with ( outbound )] , this information and that information must be able to find a suitable combination in the processing SAP system.

I am not sure if I am making any sense



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Today is a day of questions for you, huh?

In this question, I think you confuse things, because your question is about EDPAR, but the detail you discuss is for table EDSDC. Let me answer by explaining both of these tables.

Firstly, both EDSDC and EDPAR are used <b>for inbound sales processing only</b>. They are not considered by the purchasing module of SAP.

What you can do with EDPAR is map the customers external partner numbers (their plants/ship to addresses) to your own internal customer numbers in KNA1. Thus if the customer calls its delivery address ABC, and you have a customer record for this ship to address of 123, then you can put the mapping in EDPAR. This will be translated by the IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS FM when the idoc enters your system. This prevents you having to "hard code" customer number mappings in your EDI translation software.

With EDSDC, however, you are simply automatically allocating a sales area (sales org, distr. chan., division) to an incoming sales order from a customer. You enter the internal SAP customer number, and the vendor number (the number by which the customer identifies your company) and then specify the sales area and the document type against which the sales order will be created. Again, this is processed in the FM IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS.

I hope that the use of these two tables is clearer for you now.



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Hi friends,

I tried the following for automatic conversion of external number to internal customer numbers. But the idocs are errored out. description says the partners

are not exist? but these are the valid customer numbers.

and also i am using the customer material numbers for the conversion to get sap material numbers using the CMIR. But these also not converted automatically?

Do we need any other settings for doing automatic conversions?

thanks for the help.