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Use of SM13: Update was terminated

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Hi everyone,

I encountered this error whenever I create a transaction for GR Posting (MB0A). It generates a MBLNR but then if I will display it in MB03/MSEG, it doesn't exists. However if I used other materials, it was successful and I could display MBLNR in MB03.

I checked it in SM13 for the error and execute it. For some reason, LTBK has been updated and I was able to post a GR by executing the error in SM13.

What could be the reason? What could be the fix for this issue?

Poinst will be rewarded for helful ideas...

Thank you...


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if i were you : i would try to debug background task to understand the issue.

Do you know how to use debug background task ?

For example :

- execute transaction code MB0A

- put a breakpoint at 'COMMIT WORK' instruction.

- When reaching the break point switch on the update debugging (SETTINGS)

- execute (F6)

- ==>you should have function in debug mode in a new session.


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Thanks Chaouki,

I'll do that once I'm connected to my VPN. In addition to that, I also checked SU53 and there was Authorization failed checked for the object LTBK with activity V3. Would that mean that there is an authorization issue for the material?