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Urgent :- User Exit in SD module for VA01

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I am new with user exit , I come to that point where the change is required

but how to proceed , to do the further required process

Desired Functionality is as follows:

Create sales order user exit logic to populate the “Special processing indicator” field on the sales order line item depending on values on the Customer Master and on the custom pre-ticket table (ZCMPF).Access the customer master for the sold-to partner.

If KNA1-KATR1 = “1A” (pre-ticket all), populate the VBKD-SDABW field with the value of “PRET” pre-ticketing). This value should copy into all line-items as well.

If KNA1-KATR1 = “1B” (pre-ticket specified materials), use the sold-to customer with the material ID for each line item to access the ZCMPF table. If a record exists for the customer/material combination, and if the Pre-ticket indicator is not blank, populate the VBKD-SDABW field for the line-item with the value of “PRET”.


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You can use the user exit MV45AFZZ an add your logic in the form below


  • VBKD-zzfield = xxxx-zzfield2.


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Hi Sam,

In * VBKD-zzfield = xxxx-zzfield2...What exactly is xxxx-zzfield2?

How can I determine xxxx and zzfield2?

I have created a Z field in VBEP and I need to save it in VBEP when the user enters a value in screen 8459


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If you want to update data in VBEP then use:

FORM userexit_move_field_to_vbep.

VBEP-zzfield = xxxx-zzfield2.


xxxx-zzfield2 is just an example. Just update the VBEP zfield you have created with the value.

Eg: VBEP-ZZFLD1 = < the value that needs to be stored>

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Thanks for the prompt reply Sam.

How can I get the <b>name</b> of that value to push it in VBEP-ZFLD1?

I cannot enter a static value for that field as is something that the user will enter on the screen. How can I get its name to be able to push it in VBEP? I looked in xvbep and yvbep but couldn't find the Z field I created in VBEP.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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For moving data from custom screen 8459 you should code the logic in the PAI module of the screen.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Can you tell me how to code that in the PAI. How do I capture the name of the field I wish to update VBEP with?