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URGENT: Sales Order Creation va01 error

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Hi all,

When I create a new sales order by transaction va01 and fill all the required fields and then press enter, an error occurs that closes this transaction.


Condition table is missing! Access ZD05 30 (Price Determination)

However, when I check the Pricing schema, everything is ok. The customizing is exactly the same as the one in another mandator, and in that one works.

I've also debugged the program but found nothing except that when the program arrives to the field komv-kschl (condition type), the transaction is closed and appears the error above mentioned.

Thanks in advanced,



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Hi Gemma,

Please check in de client (mandant) you are working which condition tables have been assigned to access sequence ZD05 (SD Pricing). One of them should be missing. It is very well possible that it does work in another mandant when a procing condition record acces which is higher in the access level than step 30 as in this example.



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Hi John,

Thank you for your answer, because the problem has been solved. I tell you the solution, in case someone else had the same problem in the future.

The problem was that for the condition type ZD05 there was a wrong condition table associated, as some of you told me, but I didn't know which table was, because it wasn't a standard one. It had been created by the person, who was working with this project before.

Best Regards,