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upto 1 row

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what happen if upto 0 rows used.


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You get all records from database ..

Check the below code :

data i_mara like mara occurs 0 with header line.

select * from mara into table i_mara up to 0 rows.



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hi Seshu Maramreddy

do n't use occurs 0 use with out header internal tables.

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from the database all records fetched into internal table you used in select statement.

try once.

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It will show all records.


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The 'SELECT .... UP TO 1 ROWS' statement is subtly different. The database selects all of the relevant records that are defined by the WHERE clause, applies any aggregate, ordering or grouping functions to them and then returns the first record of the result set.

but when u write upto 0 then it will show all the records fetched in the internal table

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It will shows all records in the table.