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Upload Purchasing info record category (ESOKZ) in legacy

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How can I add the Purchasing info record category (table EINE-ESOKZ) in a legacy.

I´m using the standard Batch-input and I cant find the table of the structure relations option of the legacy.


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this field also not availble in ach input, i think this value not required to update in inforecord

see the below code if it is useful

based on this eskoz EQ '3'. we go for subcontracting......

LOHNB Indicator: Subcontractor purchasing info record

IF yptp_info_record-eskoz EQ '3'.

bein0-lohnb = 'X'.

IF NOT yptp_info_record-ekorg IS INITIAL AND

NOT yptp_info_record-matkl IS INITIAL AND

NOT yptp_info_record-sortl IS INITIAL AND

NOT yptp_info_record-meins IS INITIAL AND

NOT yptp_info_record-txz01 IS INITIAL.


wa_errortab-msgty = gc_error.

wa_errortab-id = gc_msgclass.

wa_errortab-msgno = gc_msgno2.

  • wa_errortab-par1 = yptp_info_record-ekorg.

wa_errortab-par1 = yptp_info_record-matkl.

wa_errortab-par2 = yptp_info_record-sortl.

wa_errortab-par3 = yptp_info_record-meins.

wa_errortab-par4 = yptp_info_record-txz01.

INSERT wa_errortab INTO TABLE g_error_tab.

CLEAR wa_errortab.




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Where can I enter this code? I took a look in the standard program which appears in the legacy batch-input.

The program is called RM06IBI0. But this is a standard program of sap so I cant change it.