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Upload document into Content Server from Web Dynpro application

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Hi All,

I have a requirement to upload a document into content server from webdynpro stand alone application.Can some body help me with the FM/Bapi's or any other approach suggestible to achieve this functionality.

I would also like to know the prerequisites/configurations to do in content server to store these files.

PS: The documents that we are uploading needs to sit in different folder of content server based on type of document. Is it possible to create folder programatically on fly in content server.



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Do the following:

1. Check standard SAP test application WDR_TEST_EVENTS (component WDR_TEST_EVENTS) and the view FILEUPLOAD. Test this application and also check how to get the data into an internal table in the backend.

2. Once you have data in the internal table then use the following FM: BDS_BUSINESSDOCUMENT_CREA_TAB to upload the data into Content server (for this you may need to work with other teams to get the Config done)

The steps I mentioned here are from the technical point of view.


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Hi Chandra,

Thanks for your quick response.

You are saying this FM will take care of placing the file into content server.Just to make sure, I will upload the file from local PC to my web based application which in turn program has to take care of placing this document into Content Server.

Did you ever worked on this FM to solve this requirement.

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Yup, I worked on it. There is a config which needs to be done to place the document in the content server and I have no idea about it. I just used the FM to upload the document and rest of it happened behind the scenes.

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Appreciate if you can share the sample code you used.Thanks..

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See the sample code. Here we are attaching a document to delivery.

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Define content repository in transaction OAC0.

Use function ARCHIVOBJECT_CREATE_TABLE to archive it in content server assigned to above content repository id.