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Upload CSV File to Local PC or AL11

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Hi SAP Experts,

Is there any way to upload csv file to local PC or AL 11.

Please help.


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Clarification needed: by "upload" you mean what exactly? Do you already have that CSV file (and where)? It seems you want to create + save CSV file from ABAP to local dir / logical dir (AL11). But that is just guess... so please clarify.

And did you searched? There are already many many questions like this answered + blog posts and articles. Where do you have currently problem? Which approach you tried and where it failed?

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Are you sure for 'upload' and not 'download'?

Explain: Where is your csv file, where do you want to save it

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Within dialog mode or background job? (it's very important/answer will be completely different)

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For data upload/download to/from AL11 you can use transactions CG3Y and CG3Z. There are a lot of information about it online, example site with detailed description can be found here.