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Upgrade to 4.7 - Cross-check for obsolete objects

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Hi all,

I just went through an upgrade from release 4.5B to ENTERPRISE 4.7 and things turned out quite ok.

Now we are about to undertake an activity to "clean" the system of obsolete objects to prevent future problems.

What i would ask of you, is if anyone could point out an easy way to identify these kind of objects within the system so i can do a cross-check with my developments and, if necessary, to correct them.

I went through OSS notes but only managed to identify isolated objects. A list would be better.


Mário Semedo

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I don't think you can do it, SAP should guarantee that all standard object are correctly upgrated. You shouldn't be worried about them, anyway you have transaction as SPAU, SPDD or SE95 to check if some std objects have to be corrected after beeing upgradated.

Some notes can usually indicate if an object is obsolete and which new object has to be used. But it can know only when it needs to use that object.

I went through several upgrade projects and I've never done what you would want to do.

But before begining upgrade I always listed what my client did by old release, so I tried to solve these problems:

- My client did certain operation by using std objects of old release: does new release still allow to do it?

- My client had custom programs to do certain operation: does new releaese do it (so it can use std program instead of custom one).


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Thanks for the info Max.

The upgrade process is finished and the new system release working fine. This included going to SPAU and SPDD entries like you specified in your awnser.

This new process is about preventing the use of obsolete objects like, for instance, FM DOWNLOAD, that will stop to be supported by SAP after realease 4.7.

Another example would be transactions that are obsolete and are currently being used in my batch-input processes. They do still work but are currently flagged "obsolete". Eventualy, in the future, they will stop working or be deleted and replaced by new ones.

My goal is to prevent such type of objects being used in my client custom programs.


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I understand what you're saying, but I can't give you a solution, because there isn't an ideal solution: this is my experience.

Anyway you can analyze the table RODIR: try to get out all items with field OBSOLETE is equal X.

Here you should findo out obsolete functions.

But I don't believe you can find out the transaction too: you should run all your batchinput program and check if they still work fine.