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Upgrade : issue with UCCHECK (Error code : View)

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Hi Experts,

I have a doubt regarding uccheck error for one program. Error code is VIEW and its description is :

Generated Code for View Maintenance Dialog is not Unicode-Compatible you can regenerate with the program RSVIMT_UC_VIEW_MAINT_GEN.

When i tried to run the program "RSVIMT_UC_VIEW_MAINT_GEN", there is no output coming.

I gave package name, function group on the Selection Screen. But no output is displayed.

After that i checked again in UCCHECK txn, that error is still in red.

May be i am missing somthing while running the program or is there any other way to resolve this errorcode VIEW in uccheck?

Please guide or please help me how to run the program RSVIMT_UC_VIEW_MAINT_GEN to resolve the issue.


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If it is a custom maintainence dialog, Go to that function group and check the "Unicode checks active" check box and activate. If it is not custom table check for the syntax errors in that TMG function group.

Thanks and Regards,


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Yeah i got that. but i am not getting how to rectify that errorcode "VIEW"...I tried running the program but did not get any output.

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Read the following documentation [Converting Generated Table Maintenance Dialogs to Unicode|] and execute every step.