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UPDKZ indicator is not updating in va02

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I am facing an issue when i try to update standard field (VBAP-UVP01) using bapi_salesorder_change. What i did was i have included the field uvp01 in bapi structures like BAPE_VBAP, BAPE_VBAPX, VBAPKOZ and VBAPKOZX because this standard field UVP01 is not available in standard BAPI structures, so i have included and i kept a breakpoint at mv45afzz, the data which i am passing is coming in VBAP-UVP01 field but XVBAP-UPKDZ is not updating and i am getting the value directly in vbap-uvp01 not xvbap-uvp01. Instead of standard field i have created a custom field then everything is updating correctly. May i know the reason?


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Hi ravi_sdn,
Data passed in EXTENSIONIN table are processed by form MS_BADI_EXTENSIONIN which calls BADI_SD_SALESDOCU_BAPI.
There you should implement the logic of updating CT_VBAPKOM and CT_VBAPKOMX according to your requirements.


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ziolkowskib Is there anything wrong in my above process