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Updating quantity field BSEG-MENGE in transaction vf01

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We are posting debit memo to customers. The requirement is BSEG_MENGE field should get updated with the billed quantity for a specific account. So we are exploring to use user exit EXIT_SAPLV60B_004(SDVFX004). In this exit in debugger we tried to manually change values for the field xaccit-menge and xaccit-xmfrw. Though the values are entered, they are not updated in the posted accounting document. When we tried to change other fields like xaccit-ebeln or xaccit-xref1, they are getting updated anyabody who can help on this is most welcome. WE are currently on ECC 6.0 version.

With regards,

Suresh E


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are you sure you want to change field MENGE and not field FKIMG? If changing field MENGE maybe it's necessary to change field BPMNG (or some other quantity fields) too.



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Can you try changing value of xaccit-menge and xaccit-xmfrw in exit EXIT_SAPLV60B_005 (SDVFX005).

Also try using the following BTE's

00001020 POST DOCUMENT: Prior to final checks SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001020

00001025 POST DOCUMENT: Final checks completed SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001025

00001030 POST DOCUMENT: Posting of standard data SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001030

00001050 POST DOCUMENT: Accounting interface SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001050

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Suresh:

See Note 301077 - User exits for the interface to accounting and try it with exit 'EXIT_SAPLV60B_008'. It tells:

"EXIT_SAPLV60B_008: Change transfer structures ACCCR and ACCIT.

After all pieces of data are filled in the accounting document, you

can finally influence them in user exit 008."

I hope this helps you