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Update Payment METHODS (ZWELS) field in KNB1

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Dear all,

I want to update the Payment Method (ZWELS) field from KNB1 table.I could not see the field in BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEFROMDATA1.

Kindly please let me know is there any BAPI available to update payment METHOD . Or any other possible way?

Best Regards,

Akil Syed


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Have a look at abap class "CMD_EI_API".

A quick example:

DATA(ls_custdata) = VALUE cmds_ei_main(
customers = VALUE #( ( header-object_task = 'U'
                       header-object_instance = lv_kunnr
                       company_data-company = VALUE #( ( task = 'U'
                                                         data_key-bukrs = lv_bukrs
                                                         data-zwels = lv_paymeth
                                                         datax-zwels = abap_true ) )
                                                      ) )
cmd_ei_api=>initialize( ).
cmd_ei_api=>maintain_bapi( EXPORTING is_master_data = ls_custdata ).

Maintain_bapi will give you back some result messages ofc. Don't forget to commit to see your changes.