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UPDATE legal control data in S4/HANA system

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Hi All,

I want to update the legal control data coming from IDOC in the S4/HANA system.

In ECC system the legal control data has stored in the MAEX table whereas now in S4/HANA system the data coming from the IDOC should be updated in the /SAPSLL/MARLRG table.

Please let me know how to update the data in /SAPSLL/MARLRG table which is coming from the IDOC. SAP has given the FIORI app to update the legal control data in S4/HANA system but in my case the data coming from the IDOC should be updated in the /SAPSLL/MARLRG table.

Thanks & Regards,




Even I am looking for the answer to this question. I tried to update using update FM /SAPSLL/MARLRG_DB_INSERT but it is throwing exception saying duplicate key found. Its not working.

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Hi Praveen,

We can create the legal control data for the existing material using the CREATE_CLASSIFICATION method of /SAPSLL/CL_API_PRCLS_LEGAL_CON class.

Sample code for your reference

DATA(lo_legcon_new) =   NEW /sapsll/cl_api_prcls_legal_con( ).
DATA lt_legcon_data_new TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF /sapsll/marlrg.
DATA lt_products  TYPE /sapsll/matnr_t.
DATA: i_matnr TYPE matnr.
i_matnr = '12345679009' "Material Number
APPEND i_matnr TO lt_products.
IF lt_legcon_data_new IS NOT INITIAL.
LOOP AT lt_legcon_data_new INTO DATA(ls_legcon_data_new).
CALL METHOD lo_legcon_new->create_classification
iv_inicl = abap_true
*Pass abap_true to IV_INICL parameter incase of initial classifiacation
*Pass abap_false to IV_INICL parameter incase of reclassification.
iv_lgreg = ls_legcon_data_new-lgreg
iv_lccma = ls_legcon_data_new-lccma
iv_concl = ls_legcon_data_new-concl
iv_congr = ls_legcon_data_new-congr
iv_datab = sy-datum
iv_datbi = '99991231'
* iv_tclrm = lt_legcon_data_new-tclrm
it_products = lt_products
iv_no_commit = abap_true
et_messages = DATA(lt_messages).

I hope this would be helpful. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Best Regards,