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Unicode Issue - Corrupted long texts in Plant Maintenance Work Orders

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we're having an issue regarding corrupted texts in a Unicode system. here's the scenario:

- long text came from 4.5b wherein, of course, the japanese characters are viewable either in EN or JA logon

- now, this long text when viewed in our acceptance/testing system which is already, take note, already in unicode long text is garbled. both in EN and JA logon long texts are garbled. we are expecting that since the system is already in unicode it can now support code page for japanese.

(here's the tricky part -- the one seen in the field is properly displayed but when trying to view the complete long text, those that are not in the field are garbled.)

- we also have some scenarios that came from 4.5b, when viewed in the testing system while not unicoded - it's garbled in EN. this is normal since it's still non-unicoded. and of course when viewed using JA logon it's not corrupted anymore. we're expecting that this will also be the same with the issue above. but it's not.

please see link for screenshots. [|]


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Hi Andrew,

looks quite strange. How about opening a support message @ BC-I18 ?

It's easier to analyze this issue when having access to the system...

Best regards,

Martin Fuchs


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i know it's weird.

but then i talked to a friend, she's an abaper. she said that those that can be converted or properly viewed are texts elements in database tables and those that are like free texts or comments can not. and there's no possible way for this but to manually retype everything.

makes sense right.