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Ungenerated profile in roles that were transported - yellow triangle

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I hope somebody will be able to help, I have noticed in our landscape that when the roles are transported some of them lose their generated profile. When I go and check the authorization tab, it has become a yellow triangle. This is mainly happening in our master roles.

We always transport the role with its generated profile (Optional Component: 1) but it still keeps happening.

Can anyone shed some light why this is happening or if it's also happening in their system.




Hello Marjorie,

the most common error is, that roles are transported, in whichs profile authorizations are contained for objects, that do not exist in the target system of the transport. Or the profile contains authroizations for org.level fields, whicha re not defined as orglevel field in the target system of the transport.

To find out, which is the case, plese chekc the import logs. All steps must have been finished with RC=0!

Especially the after import method excution will show you existing problems - expand that part of the logs completely to see details of the affected roles, profiles, objects, fields, etc.

Furthermore please make sure, that the same profile name is not used for another role in the target system....

good luck.


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Thanks Bernhard, I will look into the import logs.

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Are these derived roles? This behaviour will happen when a master role is changed and only one out of the whole set of derived roles is transported. You can see this if you run SUPC. I don't have a system to hand but I believe the status is reported as "to be compared".


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Hi Alex,

Yes they are derived roles. I ran the report and it does show to be compared for the derived roles.

Although the problem is its the master role that is in yellow state and the derived roles.