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Understanding the endings of the code objects in table REPOSRC

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The REPOSRC table contains all the code objects in an ABAP system. Some objects have an ending that is separated from the actual name of the code object by = characters.

I would like to know which endings these objects have. And to which code objects these endings belong.

  • CCAU - Class: contains the source code of local test class implementation
  • CCDEF - Class: Class-Relevant Local Definitions, contains the definitions of local classes inside the public class
  • CCIMP - Class: It contains the implementation for those local classes which definitions are stored in the Definitions-Include
  • CCMAC - Class: contains the macros of the public class
  • CI - Class: source code of private section
  • CO - Class: source code of protected section
  • CU - Class: source code of public section
  • CP - Class: ?
  • CT - Class: ?
  • CMXXX - Class: source code of each method
  • CL
  • CA
  • CS
  • E
  • EIMP
  • XT
  • XTI
  • IU
  • IP
  • IT
  • AB
  • TT
  • P
  • SB
  • S
  • SD
  • SQL
  • VC
  • BD
  • BDI
  • FT
  • D

And I found also some objects with = but without any ending.


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Perform some test using following FM

E071-pgmid = 'LIMU'. " sub object
E071-object = 'REPS'. " Abap source include
E071-obj_name = REPOSRC-PROGNAME.
          wi_e071   = E071
          we_E071   = E071 " sub object info (e.g. method)
          we_tadir  = TADIR. " main object info (e.g. class)

In returned E071 you will get an object type, E071-OBJECT, its text can be found in result of TRINT_OBJECT_TABLE

          iv_compelete = 'X'
          tt_types_out = t_KO100.

But there are cases (generated objects) that wont perform well.