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Unassign associated role part of Composite role

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Hi All,

I have a role(Lets say XYZ) which is assigned to a user, which I want to unassign. But I'm not able to do it.

From SU01, this role is displayed with blue text on a gray background, I came to know that it is a composite role.

I searached with F4 and found out that there is only one composited role associated with this role(XYZ)

But, the composite role is not assigned to the user.

I'm not sure how this role(XYZ) got assigned to the user?

I don't know how can we unassign this role from the user?

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Thanks and Regard,



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What happens if you do a complete user compare for that role with tr. PFUD?

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nothing happens! No changes.

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Hmmm, that's strange. My guess was that this role was taken out of a composite but left in the user master because the comparison wasn't done. No system at hand now so I'm out if options for now....

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If the composite role is not contained in the user master then the role will not be blue but black. And if the role is blue it is not possible to delete it directly and you need to delete the composite role.

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Thanks for your comments.

But if I see in the table AGR_AGRS, this role - XYZ is still acting as a child role to the parent role.

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Please can you check in PFCG in user assignment tab for the composite role and try to delete the user from there and do user comparison.

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If we take the composite role, there is no user assigned to it. This is why I'm confused

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If the user is not present in the user tab of the composite role, try deactivating the single role in the composite role. (Just uncheck active check box). save and do a user comparison. And then activate the single role in the composite role again, save and do a user comparison again.