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Unable to transport request for Inactive objects

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Hi ,

I am trying to ttransport request for Inactive objects created by user who do not have dev key access.We are not able to activate and transport .Is there any way to transport by without requesting access key ?Pls help asap




Two things come to mind:

- By design, the SAP Correction and Transport System (CTS) requires objects to be activated and free of syntax errors (goes with 'activated...') to be exported. This is done to keep 'downstream' systems integrity intact.

- There is not, and there should not be a way to create / modify / activate / transport objects by users without a Developer Key. Same reasons as above; plus legal constraints.

For further questions around that issue, please refer to your SysAdmin or Development Lead. They should be able to further explain, if necessary.


You can activate and transport syntactically incorrect objects. I've had to do it quite recently.

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Matthew, Of course there are ways... but I don't believe this was the nature of the question.

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It's only possible to provide a general answer (cf Michael answer) without further details (types of objects, ask the users why they are inactive, what they did, etc.) Please provide these details asap.

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Further details to above question:

We have implemented SAP Note:

  1. 2845128 TAX: W-4 Form for Year 2020 – Master Data (SAP_HR and getting this issue that we are not able to transport the request with the user id without dev key.

My question : How did it allow to perform steps and created changes to system but not aloowing to activate and transport .