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Unable to select GuiTab

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Hello everyone!

I'm very new to sapgui and have been struggling to select a GuiTab in MM03 transaction. Selection works completely fine with a vbs script but the Python equivalent code doesn't work.

Sapgui version: 800 Final Release - 32bit

Python version: 3.10.9 64-bit

Here is a screenshot of the tabs I would like to select:

Here is the Python code that should select a tab:

This method receives the following arguments:tabstrip locator and a text of a tab that should be selected. This method is run by Robot Framewort in a for loop. All the arguments are correct.

I have tried to select the tab with both selecting it with locator and object itself but nothing get's selected. There isn't any error message. I also tried to get the tab object from tabs with ElementAt which worked fine but didn't change anything.

All the arguments / locators printed by this method and Robot Framework are correct and have been checked with Scripting Tracker.

Vbs script made by recording works without any problems:

I also attempted to copy this script to Python like so:

This also didn't select anything or generate an error.

Any suggestion are welcome, and I thank anyone beforehand for their time in helping me.