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Hello there,

I am currenly looking into the details of UCCHECK functionalities and I've found the it does not check function modules at all. It can only check the function group include which does not contain any meaningful code in it.

I am wondering how I can cover function modules using UCCHECK.

By the way I am using R/3 4.7.

Any input is more than appreciated.



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if u check in UCcheck transaction in object type column if you press F4 help

it will give pgid- LIMU, Obj. - FUNC and short text is - Function Module

i think its checking for function module

any way if it will not work then try with transaction SAMT

Uccheck will giveall syntex error and Unicode errors

Samt will cover all syntex errors

through Samt you will get the impacted function group and function module list.

now check each in SLIN.

may be this will helpfull for you.

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u2022 In non-Unicode system, each character is represented with 8 bit code. Unicode provides a unique number for every character independent of platform, program, and language.

u2022 Unicode is a 16-bit code to represent universal character set, which is used to facilitate a better exchange of data between different systems.

u2022 E.g.: problems that may arise when communicating systems use different code pages. These problems mainly arise, because a code page is only applicable to specific languages and cannot be combined at with other code pages. Using Unicode helps you avoid these problems.

Unicode Compliance

u2022 Transaction UCCHECK

u2022 The transaction UCCHECK is used to find Unicode related issues. You can use transaction UCCHECK to examine a Unicode program set for syntax errors without having to set the program attribute "Unicode checks active" for every individual program. From the list of Unicode syntax errors, you can go directly to the affected programs and remove the errors. It is also possible to automatically create transport requests and set the Unicode program attribute for a program set.