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Tree Structure report in ALV

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we want program for Tree structure ALV report..

Client Requirement Details:

AS-IS : They have Material at various locations but when the business

owner tries to get a detailed

report of the transactions which done with respect to the

Goods(Material)he is not able to get it.

Comments: Much details are not reveled by the client in AS-IS

TO-BE : We need to generate a report in such a way that whenever he

tries to enter Purchase

Requisition Number in the selection-screen he has to get a detailed

tree report which

containa " Purchase requisition number.

" Item number of purchase requisition.

" Plant.

" Purchase requisition quantity.

" Price in purchase requisition.

and if he tries to double click on any of these fields then he should

get another fields(which is

classical report concept) and if he inturn tries to double click on the

field of --- he should get

the Tcode ME23.

Next phase is we need to get this report in form like we should have

radio buttons which displayes

like classical


Tree Mode ( This should be in begin of block and end of block)

Next Phase is we need to get whether the report is of List or Grid or

Tree or oops.

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Check this code. I have use the OOP concept in alv to display in a Tree structure. This might help u.

data: gt_outtab1 type table of sflight,

gt_outtab2 type table of sflight.

data: ls_outtab type sflight.

data: gr_tree type ref to cl_salv_tree.

data: nodes type ref to cl_salv_nodes,

node type ref to cl_salv_node,

columns type ref to cl_salv_columns.

data: key type salv_de_node_key.

  • Select Data

select * from sflight into corresponding fields of table gt_outtab1 up to 5 rows.

  • Create Instance with an Empty Table

call method cl_salv_tree=>factory


R_SALV_TREE = gr_tree


t_table = gt_outtab2.

  • Add the Nodes to the Tree

nodes = gr_tree->get_nodes( ).

loop at gt_outtab1 into ls_outtab.


node = nodes->add_node( related_node = key

relationship = cl_gui_column_tree=>relat_first_child ).

node->set_data_row( ls_outtab ).

key = node->get_key( ).

catch cx_salv_msg.



columns = gr_tree->get_columns( ).

columns->set_optimize( abap_true ).

*Display Table

gr_tree->display( ).

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Manoj Kumar

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Hi Sir ,

Please have a look below .Hope it is suitable and simpler solution for your question.

Please do reward if useful.


Example for ALV Tree:

program z.


Constants *


constants: c_me like trdir-cnam value 'VNDOVV',

c_myurl type scarr-url value


c_width type i value 260,

c_height type i value 130.


Types *


types: begin of t_pgm,

year(4) type c,

name like trdir-name,

end of t_pgm,

begin of t_pgmkey,

id type i,

name like trdir-name,

end of t_pgmkey.


Data *


data: it_pgmkey type table of t_pgmkey.


Classes *



Definitions *


class screen_init definition create private.

public section.

class-methods init_screen returning value(this)

type ref to screen_init.

methods constructor.

private section.

class-data a_id type i.

data: splitter_h type ref to cl_gui_splitter_container,

splitter_v type ref to cl_gui_splitter_container,

picture type ref to cl_gui_picture,

tree type ref to cl_gui_simple_tree.

methods: fill_tree,




class screen_handler definition.

public section.

methods: constructor importing container

type ref to cl_gui_container,


for event node_double_click

of cl_gui_simple_tree

importing node_key,


for event picture_dblclick

of cl_gui_picture.

private section.

data: html_viewer type ref to cl_gui_html_viewer,

editor type ref to cl_gui_textedit.

methods: fill_html,

fill_src importing programid type trdir-name.



Implementations *


class screen_init implementation.


method init_screen.

data screen type ref to screen_init.

create object screen.

this = screen.



method constructor.

data: events type cntl_simple_events,

event like line of events,

event_handler type ref to screen_handler,

container_left type ref to cl_gui_container,

container_right type ref to cl_gui_container,

container_top type ref to cl_gui_container,

container_bottom type ref to cl_gui_container.

create object splitter_h


parent = cl_gui_container=>screen0

rows = 1

columns = 2.

call method splitter_h->set_border

exporting border = cl_gui_cfw=>false.

call method splitter_h->set_column_mode

exporting mode = splitter_h->mode_absolute.

call method splitter_h->set_column_width

exporting id = 1

width = c_width.

container_left = splitter_h->get_container( row = 1 column = 1 ).

container_right = splitter_h->get_container( row = 1 column = 2 ).

create object splitter_v


parent = container_left

rows = 2

columns = 1.

call method splitter_v->set_border

exporting border = cl_gui_cfw=>false.

call method splitter_v->set_row_mode

exporting mode = splitter_v->mode_absolute.

call method splitter_v->set_row_height

exporting id = 1

height = c_height.

container_top = splitter_v->get_container( row = 1 column = 1 ).

container_bottom = splitter_v->get_container( row = 2 column = 1 ).

create object picture

exporting parent = container_top.

create object tree

exporting parent = container_bottom

node_selection_mode =


create object event_handler

exporting container = container_right.

event-eventid = cl_gui_simple_tree=>eventid_node_double_click.

event-appl_event = ' '. "system event, does not trigger PAI

append event to events.

call method tree->set_registered_events

exporting events = events.

clear: event, events[].

event-eventid = cl_gui_picture=>eventid_picture_dblclick.

event-appl_event = ' '. "system event, does not trigger PAI

append event to events.

call method picture->set_registered_events

exporting events = events.

set handler: event_handler->handle_node_double_click for tree,

event_handler->handle_picture_double_click for picture.

call method: me->fill_picture,




method fill_picture.

call method:

picture->load_picture_from_sap_icons exporting icon = '@J4@',


exporting display_mode = picture->display_mode_fit_center.



method fill_tree.

data: node_table type table of abdemonode,

node type abdemonode,

w_pgm type t_pgm,

w_cdat type rdir_cdate,

it_pgm type table of t_pgm,

w_pgmkey type t_pgmkey.

clear: a_id, it_pgmkey[].

select distinct name cdat from trdir into (w_pgm-name, w_cdat)

where cnam = c_me.

w_pgm-year = w_cdat(4).

append w_pgm to it_pgm.

clear w_pgm.


sort it_pgm.

node-hidden = ' '. " All nodes are visible,

node-disabled = ' '. " selectable,

node-isfolder = 'X'. " a folder,

node-expander = ' '. " have no '+' sign for expansion.

loop at it_pgm into w_pgm.

at new year.

node-node_key = w_pgm-year.

clear node-relatkey.

clear node-relatship.

node-text = w_pgm-year.

node-n_image = ' '.

node-exp_image = ' '.

append node to node_table.


at new name.

add 1 to a_id.

node-node_key = w_pgmkey-id = a_id.

w_pgmkey-name = w_pgm-name.

node-relatkey = w_pgm-year.

node-relatship = cl_gui_simple_tree=>relat_last_child.

node-text = w_pgm-name.

node-n_image = '@0P@'.

node-exp_image = '@0P@'.

append w_pgmkey to it_pgmkey.


append node to node_table.


call method tree->add_nodes

exporting table_structure_name = 'ABDEMONODE'

node_table = node_table.




class screen_handler implementation.


method constructor.

create object: html_viewer exporting parent = container,

editor exporting parent = container

wordwrap_mode =


wordwrap_position = 72.

call method: fill_html,

editor->set_readonly_mode exporting readonly_mode = 1.



method handle_node_double_click.

data: w_name type programm,

w_id type i,

w_year(4) type c,

w_pgmkey type t_pgmkey.

w_name = node_key+4.

w_id = w_name.

clear w_name.

read table it_pgmkey into w_pgmkey with key id = w_id

binary search.

if sy-subrc = 0.

w_name = w_pgmkey-name.


w_year = node_key(4).

if w_name is initial.

call method: fill_html,

html_viewer->set_visible exporting visible = 'X',

editor->set_visible exporting visible = ' '.


call method: fill_src exporting programid = w_name,

editor->set_visible exporting visible = 'X',

html_viewer->set_visible exporting visible = ' '.


call method cl_gui_cfw=>flush.



method handle_picture_double_click.

call method: fill_html,

html_viewer->set_visible exporting visible = 'X',

editor->set_visible exporting visible = ' '.

call method cl_gui_cfw=>flush.



method fill_html.

call method html_viewer->show_url exporting url = c_myurl.



method fill_src.

types t_line(72) type c.

data src type table of t_line.

read report programid into src.

call method: editor->delete_text,

editor->set_text_as_r3table exporting table = src[].




Data *


data this_screen type ref to screen_init.


Program execution *



call screen 100.


Dialog Modules PBO *


module status_0100 output.

set pf-status 'SCREEN_100'.

set titlebar 'TIT_100'.

this_screen = screen_init=>init_screen( ).



Dialog Modules PAI *


module cancel input.

leave program.



See this link for any help on ALV it is very clear in the link:

Plzz reward if it is useful,