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tree like spro

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how can I add documentation button and execution button to a tree node like the screen in the spro?


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Look at [SAP Tree and Tree Model (BC-CI)|], look also at SAP demos like transactions [DWDM|].


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Hello Raymond,

thank you for your answer, I know how to create a tree, but how can I add the symbols of documentation and execution to the node like in the transaction spro->SAP Reference IMG?

Where in the coding do I have to handle these functions?

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Really, look at demo transactions in DWDM, then find more information on [Methods of Class CL_GUI_LIST_TREE|]


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The following steps would help you add a node to SPRO


1. Node creation

- Use transaction S_IMG_EXTENSION and select the IMG structure that u want to extend.

- Create a new enhancement and select the same and click on option ENHANCE STRUCTURE.

- Navigate to the point where you need the node and click on icon create activity

- Give the IMG ACTIVITY ID and NAME .

- Provide an ID and name in the tab MAINTAIN OBJECTS and give the object description in the same.

- Eg : If a maintenace view, enter the customizing object name as the view name, type as V and the transaction as SM30 and save.

2. Add supporting help documentation for the node:

-Use the tab DOCUMENTATION and create a document.

- To insert hyperlinks in the documentation which are mapped to the data element documentation (same as SAP standard).

-Use LINK option in the INSERT menu in the documentation window.

-Select u2018Data elementu2019 option from the drop down

-Provide the data element name to create the hyperlink.

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In DWDM did you look at report SAPTLIST_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO....


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Refer to the demo program SALV_DEMO_HIERSEQ_SELECTIONS

Refer to this link ..

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Thank you for your answer, what I want is the same like SPRO->SAP Reference IMG. But how can I add the same documentation symbol and execution symbol to the tree, its not a issue to create the tree, I don't know how to add these mentioned symbold which have several functions as when I click on the text of a node.