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Travel Expense Comments - Stored Where???

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I am working with travel exepnses that are created using the TRIP transaction. I need to find where the information is stored to extract, the one piece that I am missing is the comments for the exepnse items. I have tried using the SaveText and GetText functions with no luck. I have even looked at the STXH table with no luck. I also, ran a trace, still no luck. I am thinking that the data may be stored in some HR cluster. Would anyone out there be able to help. I would greatly apprciate it.


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I am not sure if this is correct but try cluster

PCL1(TE). You might be able to get more details if you look at the bapi BAPI_TRIP_GET_DETAILS.

Chris H.

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Hello Don ,

here are some table that would be helpful

PTRV_SADD Trip Statistics - Add. Receipt Data

PTRV_SREC Trip Statistics - Receipts

FTPT_REQ_REASON Reason for Travel Request

If you want some more , please get back to us .

Hope this helps .

Thanks ,

Shounak M.

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The comments for the expense items is stored in TE cluster table EDITOR. Run transaction 'PRTE - Details of a trip' to see how data is stored in this cluster. Reading this data directly is not straight-forward. Look at include rpc1te00 and macro rp-imp-c1-te. It is also returned by FM: HRTRV_IF_GET_TRIP in the TEXT table.

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I tried to view HRTRV_IF_GET_TRIP to change the message that appears after clicking on SAVE and SEND on our Travel & Expenses Tasks via the Portal. We want to change the standard message 'Travel & Expesnes' to 'CCDl'

I also checked the Dialog and Travel Expenses Control on IMG, but could not get enough information on where to make the change.



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Try this BAPI to get all the Details of that TRIP


There are lot of BAPIs about the TRIP details

<b>BAPI_TRIP_APPROVE</b> Approve trip

<b>BAPI_TRIP_CANCEL</b> Cancel trip

<b>BAPI_TRIP_CHANGE_STATUS</b> Change status of trip

<b>BAPI_TRIP_CHECK_STATUS</b> Establish status of trip

<b>BAPI_TRIP_COLLECT_MILEAGE</b> Determination of employee trip

<b>BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA</b> Create EmployeeTrip with CallTransaction on PR01

<b>BAPI_TRIP_DELETE</b> Delete trip

<b>BAPI_TRIP_EXISTENCECHECK</b> ExistenceCheck object: EmployeeTrip (BAPI interface)

<b> BAPI_TRIP_GET_DETAILS</b> Print detail tables for trip (receipt entry)

<b>BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM</b> Trip form as internal table / Display form

<b>BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM_HTML</b> Ouput of Travel Expense Form as HTML Table

<b>BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM_HTML_2</b> Ouput of Travel Expense Form as HTML Table

<b>BAPI_TRIP_GET_OPTIONS</b> Import personal data and travel expense tables

<b>BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_CREATE</b> Create simple weekly report (PR04)

<b>BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_GET_DATA</b> Weekly report detail (Output of tables)

<b>BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_INIT</b> Tables Needed for REPORT_CREATE (Local Workspace)

<b>BAPI_TRIP_SET_ON_HOLD</b> Set trip status to "on hold"



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Thanks for cluster hint. That's what I needed!

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Don Miller,

I could not view the T&E cluster table Editor somehow - it stated, 'Table Editor is not active in the Dictionary.