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Transport standard variant of SAP Query

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I made a SAP Query with SQO1. Within the attributes of the query, I defined a standard variant.

How can I transport this variant.

When I go to maintain variant, I can click to program RSTRANSP.

When I try to execute, I get the following message "Function not possible for local/private objects". In the help it says that I have to create a transport for my program.

But my query is in a transport. I already transported the query to QAS and it works fine.

Do I have to put the program also in a transport? The program is SAP generated code with the following name "AQZZZISU========CP_METERS=====". I haven't transported the program but it is available in QAS. So I think I don't need to transport it.

Does anyone how I can transport my variant?




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I have found the answer.

I had to make a system variant: name starting with CUS&.

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I have attached the sap Query based on your idea. But I geting small probelm. Please help me on this.

The varient is created as Protected by default. I can't able to create the varient unprotected. Can you tell me how to create unprotected varient for SAP Query? becuase other user can't able to change the varient it is giving the error message with my user name as " No authorization to change the varient <varient name> Protected by <my user name>".

Please could you help me how to fix it. this issue?