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Transport overwrites original - although locked in transport request

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Dear all,

we have a very special system landscape and therefore a very special transport problem.

An include in the original system was overwritten by a transport although it was locked in a transport request.

To explain the circumstances:

We develop and support several releases of a pre-configured SAP Template for BW 3.5 and ERP 2004. After launching a new release we build up new systems as support stream for this release.

For example BW development system for release 3.1 was TBD, after launching of release 3.1, we copied TBD to TBE. Thus, TBE is the support system for release 3.1 and TBD becomes the development system for the next release 4.0.

Normally, a correction in release 3.1 (TBE) has to be included in 4.0 (TBD), too. Thus, all support systems are included in one transport landscape.

It happened that a developer made a correction in an include in TBE and transported it to TBD. Unfortunately, another developer had enhanced this include in TBD and didn’t release the transport. So this changes were overwritten with the import from TBE although it was locked in a transport.

I investigated this case and found out, that it could be overwritten because TBD is the original system of this include and therefore it has no repair flag when it’s locked in a transport which protects it against overwriting.

We have to import the transport with the option “Overwrite originals” because in most cases a correction has to be imported in the original system.

Do you have any suggestions how we can avoid this happening?

Is there a possibility so set the repair flag in TBD manually?

Thanks in advance for your help.




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U can try to change the request type by se09:

Select the task and go to Request/task->Change type


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Hi Max

I tried this already but it doesn't work.

Following system message occurred:

Cannot change task type

Message no. TR857


You can only change the request type if this is permitted by the type of objects in the request.

The requirement is not met in this case.