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Transfer the Functiongroup to Global Class

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Hello ABAP-Objects gurus!

it is probably a very stuped question but any way....

Is it possible to convert the normal functiongroup to a global ABAP class?

I am a newbe in OOP but it seems to me that the function goups are similar to global ABAP-Class and the function-modules are like the methods of this class.

In order to use my funktion groups in WEB-Dynpro aplications I would like to create some classes from this groups and I am looking for some "wizards" for this perpouse.

I would be pleased for any help

Best regards

Vladimir Golovtchiner


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This seems not possible with 1 click. There is no any wizard to convert FM-s to abap objects.

Because FM-s are the part of a function group, you have to migrate the other components from the function group as well, until your class is not working. Could be provided with easier ones, but with a complicated one, it will take ages...



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NO u cant convert the normal functiongroup to a global ABAP class.

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I think there will not any wizards to convert function group into class.

You have to do from the beginning using SE80 or SE24


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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There is no mechisum to translate function groups to classes, of course it can be done manually. Anyway, there is no reason why you can not a) call a function module from within Web Dynpro, this is supported, so really no need to translate it to a class b) create a custom wrapper class around the function group


RIch Heilman

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Hello Rich!

many thanks for your answer.

I know that it works to call FM's in WDA but as I have understud it is not recommended. (?)

I am a quiet newbe in OOP - what does it mean wrapper class? Where I can read some thing about wrapper classes in ABAP?

I would be pleased for some links or references.



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Wrapper class is an informal descriptor of a class which wraps some lower level functionality. It is simply a term used in the programming world. You create a class, which would abstract the lower level functionality, in this case it would be the function modules of the function group, and you could then use this class in your WDA.


Rich Heilman