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Transaction Variant for particular users

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Hi all,

I have to hide Qty field in ME22. i created a transaction variant for this.

But i want that to be activated only for specific users.

I created a variant group and assigned users to that group.

But that is not working. the variant is getting activated for all users.I dont know which part i missed.

Help me in this regard.


Viswanath babu


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Hi Viswanath,

Have you followed the naming convetion -

Check the doumentation in SHD0 ( Utilities -> Application Help ).

<b>How are the variant groups maintained?

You can enter the group names on the "Variant Group" tab and maintain variant groups with the "Create" or "Change" functions.

The group name must be in the "correct" namespace.

In addition, there are two Where-Used Lists:

Which users are assigned to the group,

For which transactions the group applies.

Which transaction variants belong to the groups?

The name of a transaction variant that is to belong to a group meets the following naming conventions:

<Name of variant group><name of transaction code>. Example: A transaction variant is to be created for the XYZ transaction that belongs to GROUP1. The name of the transaction variant is then GROUP1XYZ.

Due to this naming convention, the group name must be in the "correct" namespace.

Transaction variants that (randomly) meet this naming convention do not necessarily belong to a group. The group assignment is activated by

1. Creating a group

2. Assigning users to this group

A transaction variant that belongs to a group can also be used this way, like a transaction variant without a group.

How are the transaction variants that belong to a group maintained?

Transaction variants that belong to a group are maintained in the same way as all other transaction variants, they are distinguished using a naming convention (<name of variant group> <name of transaction codes>).</b>Cheers

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Hi ,

Go to SHD0 and check whether the fields you want to Hide is given as Invisible and activate it for a group of Users.