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Transaction SOST performance issue

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The execution of SOST tcode raises performance issue as it takes up too long time to generate the report.

I guess deletion of unwanted records from SOST tabel will help to improve.

Before deleting it I need to know what are the data that populates this table.Is it system generated messages,mails,faxes or any other types.

If it is SAP mails, then there are few standard Inbox reorg programs which can be used to delete data from relevant tables including SOST table.But even this does not helping.As there are still records left out in SOST table.

If user were to distinguish the types of data and then delete ,it how it can be done?

Please come up with your valuable suggestion




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If you look at the code, SOST is nothing but a big select statement with a bunch of joins accross the tables SOOS, SOES, SOOD, SOST and SOSC.

The data that is there in these tables pertain to messages that need to go out of the SAP environment to external systems/applications. Communication method tells you all the different types of data that it selects.

SAP mails per se doesn't have to be here unless it involves sending mails out to internet(ie outside of SAP). So even if the users delete it from their inboxes it is not going to help.

I would imagine you don't need to keep the successfully sent ones in the system anymore. Similarly you may not want to keep any messages that are say a year or more older. The best way to deal with it is to archive the data. You can schedule a job to do that for the program RSSOSOOS.

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PS; I think you accidentally created two posts with the same title. Please close the other one.

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This is a similar question to our QA system there are alot of email generated and in status waiting. We don't want all these emails to be sent. Is there away to schedule a job that will delete the mails with waiting status older than a certain date.