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Transaction IW22 and FCode WOAB

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I am using the user exit EXIT_SAPMIWO0_020 quiet sucessfully to reverse a material document using MBST and writing the details of the notification to a custom table when a user has cancelled a PM notification (Definition of a cancelled notification is when the TPLNR, EQUNR and BAUTL field are all = to SPACE) and saved it.

I have then written a BDC program to call IW22 and de-allocate any associated orders and set the status NOCO and DLFL to prepare them for archive based on a search of a custom table. This program will be set up to run overnight to capture any notifications cancelled that day and process them accordingly.

The difficulty I am having is with the BDC calling Fcode WOAB, if I run through the BDC in Mode A and debug it, it works fine. The program displays each screen in turn as expected and completes without any errors.

If I run through it in mode E and debug, the program stops at the point where WOAB is called and I get the error message 00 344 "No batch input data for screen & & "

If I run the program with Mode N and outside debug the BDC the program does not carry out the de-allocation of the order.

I checked my MESSTAB in my program in Mode E and got message 00 344 "No batch input data for screen & & ", but I cannot see where or what the screen needs to process it.

I have also searched OSS with the FCode WOAB and came across 1 likely note but it applies to version 4.xx we are only on 3.1i, the function module referenced in the note does not exist in our system.

I have also searched OSS with the program name SAPMIWO0 and screen 2100.

The program to call IW22 and looks at a custom table for entries for a specific date that the user enters or from a variant, the default is sy-datum.




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Anyone got any help on this one please?

all help appreciated.


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