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Transaction code to show previous tcodes used

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Hi all,

Gud morning...

Is there any transaction code to view all the tcodes used by us?


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Hi Chandra,

Welcome to SDN.

You can go to transaction code <b>SE93</b> and type transaction code = <b>Z</b> (Custom transaction) or <b></b> (All transaction)

Or go to <b>SM04</b> to see transaction code used by user.

The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables <b>TSTC and TSTCT</b>. So, you can have a look via <b>SE16</b>.

Hope this will help.


Ferry Lianto

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You can check that with <b>T-CodeS SE93 and SM04</b>

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hi chandra ,

goto SM04..IT displays all the transactions used by a user..

also check the transaction SE93... in that just give * and press f4

hope this helps..

reward if useful..

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Hi Sekhar,

Go to T.Code SE93->give * in Transaction Code filed or press F4, it'll come up with all the Transaction Codes provided by SAP.

If you wanna see customer defined T.Code, provide your initial letters as per your naming convention followed by * sign.

If you have to look at the User wise list of T.code, you can opt for SM04.

Hope it helps!!!!


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TO find the TCODES added to a particular ROLE:

Table AGR_1251, field 'MODIFIED' will have a value 'S' for system added, and 'U' for manually added tCodes.

Select records from this table with the role name (field AGR_NAME)



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Hi Chandra,

Welcome to SDN.

    • Is there any transaction code to view all the tcodes used by us?


You can see from any of the step mentioned below.

*SE93 (Maintain Transaction) only with F4

  • SE84>Other object>TCODE-->F8

*TSTC table will contain all the Tcodes and

TSTCT table will contain all the Tcodes with Texts.

Hope this will helpyou



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HI all,

Thanks a lot...

and i have tried SM04...and it was user list...

But my requirement was to find out tcodes used by a particular user.

And i got the answer from a friend...

and tcode is <b>STAT</b>. And then enter the user will show the history of that user.

Thanks for all ur cooperation.

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Hello CahndraSekhar,

I was about to reply the same. But STAT often doesn't show you the complete transaction code. You can also take a look at the transaction ST03.

I'm currently doing some research on this out of personal interest. If you need further information, I might be able to give you some leads.


Anand Mandalika.