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Trace to Analyze ABAP Program

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Hi Experts,

Need to analyze an ABAP Program using trace. Meaning In the trace I need to find out the input data passed to Functional module or Method within the program. I can't use debugging and hence checking if there is any trace options or other any suggestions could help.




Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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To analyze an ABAP Program using trace, you can use the ABAP Runtime Trace 1.

Here is how you can use the ABAP Runtime Trace to find out the input data passed to Functional module or Method within the program:

  1. Call the ABAP Runtime Analysis (transaction SE30) 2.
  2. Check the measurement restrictions and change them if necessary 2.
  3. Make sure you have executed the test program at least once, or even better, a few times, to fill the...2.
  4. Execute your test program directly from the ABAP Trace 2.
  5. Switch off the trace 2.
  6. If a trace file was written, it will appear under ‘Performance Data File’ 2.

If this answer satisfies your question, kindly accept it and could you close the thread. Have a great day! 🙂

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The debugger is the one you need, why would SAP develop another tool to do the same thing.

The reason why you can't debug is the major issue, so you should better ask how you can debug, to your team lead or to the forum experts.

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Hi Anand Krishnamurthi

our experts recommend using dynamic logpoints.

Please see here the recommended blog on SAP Community.

Please note, dynamic logpoints can only be used for on-premise SAP products.

Kind regards,