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To update confirmed date and confirmed quantity in Sales order/ Quotation

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Hello gurus,

I have a requirement and I am really struggling to find any stable solution here.
We have two different SAP systems connected say for eg system A and system B. In System A we are creating sales order or quotation and then replicating the corresponding sales order in System B using RFC.
In replication process, we are passing requested date and requested quantity through RFC, which eventually determines the confirmed date and quantity in System B from ATP and updates the schedule lines accordingly.
Now our requirement is to copy this confirmed date and confirmed quantity from the sales order created in system B to the schedule lines of sales order created in System A.

We have two situations here which are tricky to handle:

1) System B having, 2 schedule lines: If confirmed date is different from requested date.

2) System B having 1 schedule line : If confirmed date is same as requested date.

In both the scenarios mentioned above, the requested date and quantity in System A order and system B order will always be the same, only change would be the confirmed date and quantity, which I wanted to copy from System B order to system A order.

I have tried using FM SD SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE, but unfortunately it doesn't have the confirmed date or confirmed quantity as an input so ATP in system A determines its own confirmed date and quantity, which I don't want it to happen.
Switching off the ATP also doesn't help, as my intention is just to copy the confirmed date and quantity from other system.

Any help in this regard will be much appreciated.


Salil B


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Did you tried to call rescheduling (T-code V_V2) with passing new data through the exit EXIT_SAPLATPC_002 (i.e. call RFC inside)?

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What is the question exactly? I'm confused...