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to attach/upload binary data file(to vendor) from EP(sends from) to abap

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Hi All,

I have requirement Enterprise portal(JAVA) will send the file data in binary format to abap.we have to attach the binary data(file) to content server.

that is for vendor/custmer(XK02/XD02) will have attachments in the sap screen.

similarly the above screens are provided using enterprise portal (using java) also attachment feature also needs to provide.

so whenever user imports file form EP screen, they will convert the file into binary format and sends to abap through proxy(custom proxy) abap should attach the binary file to vendor/customer.

I have checked so_object_upload,so_object_insert, binary relation create -- these FMs are helped using dialog box or providing the path of the file. but couldnt use when the file is in binary format and if it sent form proxy interface.

could anyone help me in resolving the requirement to upload binary data.


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I use "call function 'ARCHIVOBJECT_CREATE_TABLE'" to process a binary table. However, in my situation, I'm storing in Documentum. Once that FM completed, I follow up with call function 'ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT' to store the reference to the document and the archived object in SAP tables. In your case, you need something that processes the binary table, or you need to utilize one of the "SCMS* " function modules to put your binary table into something that you can use with the other functions.

The upload from desktop can be done using BIN filetype for GUI_UPLOAD class or function module, or from apps server, you can read your file into an xstring with open binary dataset into your xstring, close dataset.