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The userexit is not working in integration scenario- inb. delivery creation

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Hi Experts please help,

We know that vl31n is for inbound delivery creation.

in one of the userexits of vl31n, I did code ( shifting the batch to vendor batch )...

So,the user enters batch number under batch field and

fill all other required information and saves to create inbound delivery.

Whilw inbound delivery creation my coding in user exit gets executed and shifts the batch number to Vendor batch field.

This we observed when we check in vl32n or vl33n, the batch entered shifted to Vendor batch field() batch field is space.

This is working fine with vl31n inb. delivery creation.

But in integration testing it failed.

In Integration, what is happening the other system called "ICH" is creating ASN (shipping note) with the batch number, which inturn created the inbound delivery in R/3 via XI as shown like below.

Integration scenario :

ICH System (ASN) --> XI --> R/3 System (Inb. delivery creation)

So when "ICH" triggers ASN to R/3 the inbound delivery creation is happening but the batch number is not shifting to vendor batch field.

when we open the inbound delivery in vl32n, the batch number is under batch field should be under vendor batch field.

My understanding is my user exit coding of vl31n not getting executed in the integration process.

Kindly help me what can I do to shift the batch sending from ICH to shift to vendor batch field.

Please let me know if I could not explain the scenario.

THANKS IN advance.



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the ASN from ICH, it uses a standard idoc function module IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1 and there is one user exit EXIT_SAPLV55K_012 which calls ZXTRKU07

need to code there.

solved by meetings with some other experts.


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solved with meetings with other experts in the project.