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The program doesn't give the data to just one person. Why?

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First of all, user have authority. Other users can see the datas when enter the terms in the program but X user cannot see it. Why could this be? I checked the codes but I'm not so good debug part. If I change @sy-uname user name that the person with F8 can I see the problem like that user? Or is there a way to view it as that user?


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Please provide the code.

Please provide which t-code as well.

Also after executing the program with that user id - provide su53 screenshot

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You can debug another user. Search information about /HEXT USER = <username> (note 1919888).

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data lv_save(1).
select single agr_name from agr_users
into @data(lv_rol)
where agr_name = 'BLABLA*'
and uname = @sy-uname.

It my company's programme t-code we made it beacuse of this t-code name is unimportant.

and /HEXT USER = <username> is doesn't work unfortunatelly.

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Hi bravelilith

Based on your code, It looks like the user to him the Data is not displayed because, no roles were assigned to that user. To confirm that go to SE16N - and give table name as AGR_USERS & for the field User / Uname - give that user name. Did you see any records?

Also give Role & Name and see if you see any records for the Same role 'BLABLA'. The Reason why you are not getting records for that particular user because


  • No roles have been assigned to that user
  • Or the role that you are looking for 'where agr_name = 'BLABLA*'' - is that available.
  • If you are using * in value like 'BLABLA*' then you cannot use = sign in where clause. You should use LIKE.



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Ask user to execute the transaction and to call transaction SU53 (or call yourself SU53 and select user clicking on F5 - Display fpr different user)

If actually no difference, no missing authorization, you could also check user parameters such as date format or initial parameters list.

Or just change your code if you didn't use AUTHORITY-CHECK (d'oh!)

where agr_name like 'BLABLA%'