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The FM FP_JOB_CLOSE throws error.

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We have a report which generates PDF documents.

During the process the FM FP_JOB_CLOSE throws an exception. (sy-subrc 2: system error).

Interesting part is that, it works fine in development and integration system.

But throws this exception only in Q.

Here is the error message i can see in debug mode:

Do you have any idea?


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I have faced the same error message, these are system error messages / 403 forbidden

Please follow the steps :
1) Check / connection test the ADS RFC user
2) Put a breakpoint at the FM : FPCOMP_FORM_END,
debug the background job with a jdbg
Usage and System Error in SAP Adobe Forms
Here is something I have found, but in this case, a preview of the adobe form is unavailable.
There should be a runtime exception captured here.

Hope this helps

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403 = Authorization issue. Ask the administrator to check the ADS connection between ABAP and Java stack!

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Did you check the ADS connection by executing the report FP_CHK_REPORT or FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE.


First of all thanks everybody for your replies,

Actually i have found the solution and i want to share it in case someone faces the same issue.

While debugging i have found the error message as you can see in the first 2 pictures.

It indicates a service in SICF is not activated. So i let this service in SICF activated and problem was solved.

And this is the pathway of the service which should be activated.

Best Regards.

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Yes, there was an SICF activation to be done too; Have the steps i documented to resolve it. Missed it.
Thanks for detailing in