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Tcode : SP02 authorization proposals from SU24

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Hi Gurus,

I have to create a role with access to some tcodes. One of them is : SP02. When I insert the tcode in the menu of the role , in the authorizations the system gives me many Object Authorizations:





Which are the values I have to put in the fields of Object Authorizations?

Is there a report , from a tcode gives me the value of the object authorizations?

Is there a report to view from an object authorization in which role is used (this I found it) but also it show me for each role which is the object authorizations and its value? ( for example in ALV Grid)

Best regards


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Hi Vanessa,

The object value is the key to restrict access, these values which we give governs the access of user (as in) what level of access user has for a perticular Tcode (Display/ Create/ Delete etc.).

Hence to answer your query, I would suggest you to understand the requirement first i.e what kind of access user needs for SP02. Then research for each object which you have mentioned ( in or sdn), I am sure you will get all the details of what object values can give what level of access.

You can also create a role having tcode SP02 without assigning any object values, assign this role to a test ID and then login with the same test Id. Now you can try it yourself and check what level of access you want to restrict for the user.

Let us know if you need any more information on this.

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Hi Vanessa,

searching the forum is a good start, if there has been a question on this before, you will get all the necessary detail - isnt it?

That said and done, if you need to know what these objects are meant for, go to the transaction AUTH_SWITCH_OBJECTS , and read the information provided on these objects. Once you understand you can always create test roles as Akshay suggested and see what fits the requirement

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Thank you for your help.

I have seen the transaction, and It seems helpful.

I'm working on 4.6b and when I create a role and assign tcodes, the system doesn't download automatically object authorizations in Authorizations, as happen from 4.6c.

Have you test this behavour in 4.6b?

If the role doesn't give me the object authorizations how Do i find the object authorizations related?

I know tcode SU24 to view the object authorizations related to tcode , I take the object that have "YES".

According to you is there something else to find the object authorizations related to a transactions?

Best regards


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you can maintain authorizations inside the role, you get default authorizations if they are only filled in SU24 for that trasaction. in your case if you want the authorizations to come default then maintian the values in SU24.



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Hi Sun

Thank you. About SU24 in 4.6B is different from the other release, I see the object authorizations like "Y" ok but when I create a role no Object authorizations I have in the role , I don't undesrtand why , because in the other release I have not this problem...,

so what I have to do insert manually?