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TCode ME5*N for PRequisitions

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Dear Forum:

We are using the Enterprise Version. In the enjoy transactions for Purchase Requisitions, I notice that the subscreen area for the "Account assignment" tab alone is 3 rows more than the rest of the tabs (Material, Qty, Valuation, etc).

Could anyone explain to me how this is accomplished in the program. The screen, subscreen areas for all tabs are equal in the screen layout. I checked the screen programs, flow logic to my knowledge (all of it is object oriented and event driven).

Thank you all in advance,



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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I believe this is done by the size of the subscreen itself, it is bigger than any other subscreen in tabstrip, plus it contains a subscreen of its own.


Rich Heilman

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Thanks a lot for taking time to help me out.

I am not sure. The subscreen areas are similar so I thought it should bring up a scroll bar for the account assignment tab.

After your reply, I took a closer look, the subscreens being called for the account assignment are not scrollable.

Anyway, my requirement is to add a custom-tabscreen through the PReq exit. There are a lot of fields, and for the custom tab a scroll bar comes up automatically.

I will be happy if you or anyone else following this question track is able to suggest a way to increase the viewing area for custom tab.

Thanks again,